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Who is eligible?

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Anyone is welcomed to partake the course,provided you have a laptop and good internet connection.There are over 80 courses being offered currently and they are a great start to a worthwhile career growth.

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"In the age of information,ignorance is a choice."-Donny Miller.

Ideally ignorance is bliss.Anyways,get started on whatever course you wish,anywhere,anytime and get it done with anyways!

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Google is currenly offering variety of courses

To get certified, you might want a quickie or an indepth study on your preference.This bundles up to how much time and money are you willing to invest when it comes to taking up Coursera/Google.

The google courses are limited in some locations but i believe they will be available to every country soon enough.

Get sh** Done ✅☑✔

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Arriving in a New Country

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Moving to a new country is a cause for anxiety for many, whether its for a job/new school.For me it was a combination of 100 different emotions, being felt at once.Luckily on the waiting bay i found a fellow mate(Derrick) who happened to be going to the same flight,same university and same course altogether.Phewx!!

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Be radicaly open-minded by critically analysing your ego and blind-spots as they will surely stand in your way of success.

I came to Budapest not having any family in Hungary.I chose a city where i could be around different people and cultures without staying in my bubble of comfort.But as the saying goes ,you will find a Kenyan at every corner of the world.I found friends already at my uni who made my moving in easier.Soon i started to meet other international students whom i could connect with.I even happened to live with the very close ones in my second year.But not everyone has that experience.Some people feel isolated in the space they're in,that they choose to leave.

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Coming from a community where you have people around you at all times ,to a space where you're alone 90% of the day can be daunting.The mental weight of starting over again in a new country was immense,no Dad and Mom to come to my rescue.I soon came to the realisation that a ship is safe at shore but that's not what it's built for.Moving to a new country is great.You experience so much ,learn so many cultures and thats great.But it always feels like a part of you has been left behind.

Being away from home felt like being underwater .You can only hold your breath for so long.You realise, there is nothing more refreshing than the fresh rush of air filling your lungs.No matter how fast your legs can kick under water, how your skin tingles at the sensation of life under the blue, your body was made for land, and there's no greater feeling than planting your feet on solid ground.

And thats what home is.Solid Ground.

Remember i mentioned that Kenyans are found at every corner of the world?, well, i eventually met Kenyans(Students + workers)through the AKESH student community where we felt alittle bit of home whilst away from it.The association created a space where people could laugh and relate to each other.

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Book club


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How do you consider productivity?.Well for me productivity is doing the right thing efficiently times the fun factor.I recently purchased the kindle version for Jim Kwik's Limitless book which was on offer for 0.90$.This was my gift for starting the year.Aluta Continua.

If Knowledge is power ,Then learning is your super power -Jim Kwik

practice active recall,Do spaced repetition ,use sense of smell and Listen to Music

Whats the best way to begin a year?


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You only rise to the level of your systems not your goals.

Make every minute count

Not taking things personally is a superpower



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This book got me curious about what the Law of Attraction is all about.I'd tell you this,be present today and experience what life has to offer.

Every single second is an opportunity to change your life, because in any moment you can change the way you feel

If something is meant for you,it will come to you.As long as you feed it positive energy,nothing and no one can prevent it from finding you,but you.Hang tight and avoid fuelling feelings of doubt -otherwise ,they will create resistance

ELECTED CHAIRMAN- Association of Kenyan Students in Hungary(AKeSH)

Leadership is about life and about making other people's lives better.

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Leadership is about empowering others,working together and a continuous desire to build capacity in the people around us.In a sense ,leaders need to be teachers.They also need to create experiences that together can accomplish something that neither you nor the the other person could have accomplished individually.An excellent leader is is able to create that feeling in others and to give hope as they look at further opportunities.

As a leader,i always ask myself what is the legacy i want to leave?What is really valuable to me and what do i focus my attention on?I also ask myself who the most important people in my life are.By doing so,my leadership as the Kenyan Representative is about making meaningful contributions to the community,Society and about making other people's lives better

Leadership is a life skill and life skills helps youth navigate life succesfully.Learning and practicing leadership is one of the skills youth need

Erasmus Project in Istanbul

Make a Tale Real

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Unfortunately, nowadays, differences are evaluated with prejudices, stereotypes, and people from different cultures, different religious beliefs, different races are exposed to the violence of the dominant culture in many ways. The "Make a Tale Real" youth exchange project aims to show that the difference and diversity is not a means of discrimination, but on the contrary, is one of the most important elements of the enrichment of cultural heritage, color and social and even technological development. With the project, 38 participants from 6 different countries in Europe will come together and try to achieve this goal by using the theater methodology. This project is also is the first step for TheARTer for Diversity movement which aims to collect all theater movements under one roof and encourage other organizations to work in this field by using the art as a tool to reach its goals.

Make a Tale Real is a youth exchange project funded by Erasmus+ Program. The project held in Silivri, Istanbul in February 2020. The project lasted 9 days and 38 participants worked on a theater performance. Coordinator Active EuroYouth

This project promoted opennes and mutual understanding.The best way to challenge prejudices or to make people understand others is when they have a chance to meet or cooperate together over reaching the same goal