Hello, I am Dennis O.Orina!

Get to know me;

Dennis Orina Is a self-starter with a skill-set in Technical management and experienced Team leader as well as team player who has aced his academics as well as his co-curricular activities. Looking to make a mark in the Field of Business ,Technology and Management .

I can grasp new concepts and methodologies fast.

My Values;

Enjoy the process; I usually believe productivity is useful output/time x f (where f is the 'fun' factor'). Ideally if you could maximize the fun factor in everything you put your mind on, your productivity will be immensely improved because will-power and sudden motivation will follow suit.

Be open-minded; Everyone has a different perspective on life, a good way of expanding knowledge is by listening closely and being open-minded.

Be transparent; collaboration turns to fruition with incoporation of transparency. Being true with one another will create fulfillment of desire and emotions.

My skils

Strategic and Business Planning / 3 Months of experience Business analytics With SPSS and Power BI / 3 Months of experience Technical support Fundamentals(Google IT Support Coursera) / 6 months of experience Webflow University Course (UX design) / On-going

My offer


Photography is my 3rd eye view of the world


Leadership is a necessary life skill!

Web Development-Beginner

Basically,i am always learning new ways to create a SEO friendly site.

Mobile apps

Coming soon!!!

My portfolio

Very reliable!

Keep up the good work ,CHAIRMAN.

You are the best Virtual Freelancer i have met in Hungary,Koszonom Szepen.

Contact me

I like making internet friends,so if you are reading this then i'd love to meet if we're in the same city☺

I am always open for a cup of Coffee☕!

Mon-Fri 7:00AM - 6:00PM
Budapest, Hungary